Air conditioning is a necessity when it comes to office space. When buying this system for your business, there are a lot of things to consider, such the machine’s different modes, timer capabilities, energy efficiency and controls. Businesses rely on air conditioning to keep their offices cool and their equipment safe from temperature changes. Sensitive equipment and supplies rely on a perfect room condition to function normally and allow for a seamless every day process of the business. Having the right temperature in the office to battle the fluctuations of the weather also promotes employees’ efficiency and provides a comfortable office setting. In order to help you choose the right air conditioning for your business, we have listed a few crucial details that you need to watch out for when buying one.


Look for air conditioning that is effective and efficient in circulating air throughout the entire office space and not just a single room. You also have to look for air conditioning that cools the entire building efficiently and economically.

Quiet Design

Look for an air conditioner that is installed outside. This makes it quieter than conventional units that have all parts installed within the building. Choose air conditioning that is extremely quiet. Your employees will benefit from the quieter environment as they can focus on their work more efficiently.


The main concern for most buildings is ensuring comfortable airflow for employees and visitors, but some facilities will need specialised functionality from their air conditioning. It is important to ask for a bespoke air conditioning solution from your contractor to ensure that you get the best performance from your system.

Hidden from sight

If you worry that your air conditioning will take up space or make the office look unappealing, then you need to look for an air conditioning unit that is barely detectable. There are a variety that you can choose from. By choosing this kind of air conditioning unit, you don’t have to worry about the air-conditioner making the building dreary and unappealing to your customers and staff.

Easy to operate

Look for an air conditioning that is extremely easy to operate. There are air conditioners that you can operate with a simple push of a button on a console. You can choose to adjust your air-conditioner and its temperature settings.

Intelligent Heat Pump Systems

You can also opt to choose some central air conditioning units that have the ability to do a reversed cycle. Instead of pumping in the cool air, it pumps out hot air. Your air conditioner can also be a heater, saving you money by not having to invest in a separate heater.


EESI provides comprehensive servicing and maintenance packages for air conditioner installations as well as existing cooling systems. Regular servicing is essential to maintaining the performance and efficiency of a system and elements like filters may need changing periodically to extend the lifespan of your system.

Once you are ready to have an air conditioning system installed in your office space, you have to look for a contractor that will deliver a job professionally. Keep in mind that the success of the installation will vary greatly on who you will hire to install it. To make the installation a success, entrust it to us!

Formed in 1994 as an electrical contractor with a customer-first approach to business, EESI Ltd has grown into a leading provider of specialist building services such as air conditioning systems. If you have any questions or concerns about central air conditioning systems, do not hesitate to call us at 01453 821550 or send us a message at You can also visit our website to know more!

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