Having an air conditioning system installed in your facility could bring a series of advantages to your business. These range from the comfort you will be giving to your clients or customers to the productivity of your staff and employees. However, air conditioning systems could potentially harm the company if overlooked over a period of time. Preventative maintenance not only averts possible problems but offers peace of mind, long-term savings and a trouble-free operation. A constantly malfunctioning air conditioner wouldn’t provide good customer relations.

Here’s a list of the benefits a properly maintained air conditioner could offer your business:

Increases energy efficiency

By having your air conditioning system regularly checked you are giving the equipment the ability to run at peak performance, whilst having the benefits of lower monthly utility bills and increased annual savings with energy efficient operations. Preventative maintenance averts problematic situations before they can become a larger issue and helps to ensure energy efficiency. System maintenance includes cleaning the cooling coils, blades and other components which means that properly maintained air conditioners are able to minimise energy use and reduce utility costs and carbon footprint.

Controllable comfort

Properly maintained air conditioners will efficiently cool a building, providing a constant and comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner operates more efficiently, you also improve the comfort levels in your commercial building. Well-maintained equipment enables employees to keep working regardless of the outside temperature.

Reduces humidity

Overlooked air conditioning systems could increase humidity and make the environment feel hotter than it actually is. This could cause office discontent and lower productivity, a properly maintained air conditioning system ensures that the “stickiness” is eliminated by removing the excess moisture from the air.

Improves air quality

Air conditioning systems are particularly important for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems since they contain filters that purify the air reducing the number of bacteria and dust particles, odours and potential allergens. However, as you use your air conditioner through the seasons, dirt and debris are collected inside the cages and components of the unit. If the equipment is not regularly cleaned your office could be a breeding ground for coughs and colds. Having your air conditioner properly maintained ensures that particulates are not collected and released to pollute the indoor air.

Extends equipment lifespan

Intelligent expenditure on preventive maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of your equipment by many years. Early burnout and failure happen when the equipment is clogged with dirt, dust and grime and has to work harder and longer to create the same amount of heating or cooling effect.

Reduces repair and replacement costs

Although it is impossible to avoid all repair situations, a penny in preventive maintenance can save a pounds in repairs. Regular maintenance can prevent small problems from growing larger and be a greater expense.

Silent operation

Tired air conditioners have to work hard to keep the temperature regulated, they become noisy which could be disturbing and distracting. Clean, well-maintained equipment is crucial for a quiet working environment.

Here at EESI, we believe that regular servicing is essential to maintaining the performance and efficiency of a system and elements like filters may need changing periodically to extend the lifespan of your system. We can provide comprehensive servicing & maintenance packages for our own air conditioning system installations as well as existing systems. EESI also specialise in heating & HVAC, lighting, security, fire alarms, CCTV, and property and grounds maintenance. Email us at info@eesi.co.uk or call us on 01453 821 550 for more information.

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