Forest Green Rovers – Supporting local for nearly 30 years

As well as building a stronger economy, supporting local business builds a stronger community and we believe there’s no greater community than Stonehouse and the wider county of Gloucestershire. Ok, so we’re a bit biased, but we don’t mind a bit of healthy competition with other counties, and we salute them too!

One of the ways we show our local support is through our partnership with Sky Bet League Two side Forest Green Rovers. And the way things are going, league two could be a thing of the past, but this isn’t that kind of blog and we don’t want to jinx matters.

Instead, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a partnership that dates back to 1994 and why we are still sponsoring our local football team to this day.

By the time you’ve finished reading, we hope you’ll have learnt a bit about Forest Green Rovers and a bit more about us. It’s probably too much to ask you to switch teams, but you never know…

So, who are Forest Green Rovers?

What! You’ve never heard of them?

Beyond being third in the Sky Bet League Two table (at the time of writing!), according to FIFA itself, Forest Green Rovers is the world’s greenest football club and the first and only vegan football club in the world. Bringing football and environmental consciousness together, Forest Green Rovers is a truly sustainable football club.

How are we involved with Forest Green Rovers?

Eesi was founded by Mike Gardiner, our retired albeit very active Chairman, in 1994 and we’ve been supporting and sponsoring Forest Green Rovers in one way or another ever since 1999. It sounds quite simple on the surface, but our relationship with, and fondness for, the club runs much deeper. Forest Green Rovers are very dear to Mike’s heart, but also to the company and if you call us (which we are hoping you will do as soon as you’ve finished reading this…!), the first message you’ll hear is all about FGR!

Supporting Forest Green Rovers is important to us in many ways, but perhaps most pertinently, it’s about support for the local community and our alignment with
sustainability. You can hear Mike talking all about our partnership with FGR here

Support for the local community

We launched as an electrical contractor nearly 30 years ago with just two employees, and today we have over 70. A large proportion of employees have been with the firm for more than a decade, some working their way up from apprenticeships to senior roles. We have multi-generations of families working at Eesi, and we also continue to work for customers that started with us on our journey almost 30 years ago.

Why sustainability matters to us too

Saving our customers money is always high on our agenda – nobody wants a shocking energy bill. But making sure that the design and installation of our electrical and mechanical systems is efficient and sustainable is right up there too. And the new technologies that we align and work with are allowing us to make a valuable contribution to the environmental and climate change agenda.

The final whistle

If you’re looking for the best local team to support in Gloucestershire, get down to The New Lawn. And if you’re looking for the best and local firm to support your electrical and mechanical design, installation and maintenance needs, give us a call. All that remains for us to say is WE ARE FGR!

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