Boilers & Heating Systems

EESI’s commercial heating engineer team design and install systems focused on efficient performance and effective temperature control of your property. Whether your requirement is for gas, electric, oil or air-source heating, we’ll find the right solution for you.

We can take on existing heating systems for repairs and maintenance. We can also dismantle and repair condemned boilers to create a cost effective alternative to replacing them.

Who We
Work With

We also work with only the best manufacturing brands, ensuring our customers receive excellent quality fittings that match the service we deliver.

The industries we work in

As a boilers & heating contractor, we service commercial and industrial buildings and premises, spanning multiple work sectors.

Sectors we specialise in

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Industrial Units

For units, our industrial heating engineers create efficient solutions focused on warmth, comfort & quality of life. It’s been scientifically proven that keeping your staff at a temperature that is comfortable to them has a positive impact on efficiency in the workplace and overall staff performance.

We integrate smart building controls, giving you and your staff complete control over your temperature, usage and other building systems.

What are the heating requirements in the workplace?

Here, we take a look at commercial heating, and which factors are considered before installation…

Heating for commercial premises

It is widely reported that temperature in the workplace can have a significant impact on performance and…