Industrial Air Conditioning

Our industrial air conditioning services consists of our design team working to understand your needs and tailoring a solution that meets your brief in the most proactive way as possible.

By using the very latest in air conditioning technology and focusing on efficiency, we ensure a responsible carbon footprint and no shocking energy bills.

Industrial Air Conditioning Services

We work with inverter driven equipment, reverse cycle and air source heat pumps and temperature and humidity controls, using the latest Toshiba and Daikin evaporator and condenser technology, to ensure your air conditioning system fits your requirements.

Air conditioning can be one of the highest energy costs to businesses, particularly in large buildings. Making sure you get an efficient system that works with the shape and natural airflow of your building is essential to keeping your energy costs down.

Let our commercial air conditioning service team take care of everything.

Industrial Air Conditioning System

The main concern for most buildings is ensuring comfortable airflow for employees and visitors, but some facilities will need more specialised functionality from their air conditioning. Our industrial air conditioning services are in place to develop a bespoke solution for every building and every brief to ensure the best possible performance by your system. Whether it’s for a computer or data room, a shop, an office or an industrial facility, we deliver solutions to keep your staff and equipment cool.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

We save you money on installation and running costs by installing inverters that qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). This allows you to claim the first-year capital allowance on any amount spent on certain machinery. You can then write off the capital cost against taxable profits over the period of investment in the technology.

Saving you Money – Affordable Climate Control

It all begins with a free site survey and quotation. Our range of air conditioning and climate control systems are all installed by our expert team of in-house technicians. They will feature the very latest technology, including heat pumps, heat recovery and inverters where necessary. This ensures that any installed systems are as efficient as possible, helping to reduce your overall running costs.

Air Conditioning Support

EESI can provide comprehensive servicing & maintenance packages for our own installations as well as existing systems. Regular servicing is essential to maintaining the performance and efficiency of a system and elements like filters may need changing periodically to extend the lifespan of your system.