Industrial Fire Alarm

EESI Group have installed industrial fire alarm systems for a wide range of sectors, from large industrial complexes, residential projects, to heritage properties with very specific requirements.

We have a selection of teams focused on different work areas. The manufacturing industry tend to have more intricate alarm needs, where as heritage properties present a very different challenge, needing requirements to comply with detailed insurance specification.

Industrial Fire Alarm Systems
Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Systems

Industrial fire alarms can be executed a varying amount of ways  depending on what is required and the current system compliance. Industrial properties need to tick different boxes where as engineering or manufacturing facilities, and heritage properties have a completely different specification.

We begin by carrying out a comprehensive survey of your property and audit to make sure we are delivering an infrastructure that fits you and your building, keeps your business safeguarded and meets your exact needs with compliance in mind.

Addressable fire alarm systems are much more suited for larger, more complex industrial sites and allow each sector of the site to be monitored independently, meaning if an alarm sirens, only the area the hazard is detected in sounds an alarm, rather than the entire facility.