Facilities Management

Do you manage a commercial or industrial premises that would benefit from external facilities management? Here at EESI we provide an array of services for businesses. We can help service equipment, test systems and infrastructure, or assist in building and grounds maintenance.

Every customer requires a unique service, every business has different needs. Our Facilities Management team have you covered, and with a dedicated accounts manager, we can coordinate the maintenance, compliance, and upkeep of your premises. Don’t hesitate to find out more by getting in touch with us, and learn more about the services EESI offer that can help your business.

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Hard Services EESI provide

  • The plumbing system: This system plays an essential role in bringing water to a building and removing waste. Over time, blockages can occur, pressure builds up, and fixtures/piping must be replaced. As the Facility Manager, it’s your job to ensure that the plumbing system is regularly maintained and that the possible issues are fixed as quickly as possible.
  • HVAC systems: We will work with your team to see if the heating fixtures need repair or replacement. It’s up to the team to decide the best solutions for cost and energy savings, comfort, and functionality.
  • Lighting: We will work with your team to see if the lighting needs repair or replacement.
  • Fire safety regulation compliance: Fire safety systems are required in most countries and must be regularly maintained and checked for compliance issues.
  • Mechanical & electrical systems: Keeping the electrical system running well to keep up with other building operations. The same goes for mechanical systems like elevators and water pumps. You and your team ensure they work properly and do not cause safety incidents.

Soft Services EESI provide

  • Renewable energy (solar panels etc)
  • Landscaping: Well-maintained grounds improve curb appeal and signal top-notch property management. Your team takes care of the seasonal and non-seasonal changes, such as planting flowers in the spring, trimming the grass during the summer, removing falling leaves during the autumn, or removing excess snow from the walkway in the winter.
  • Refurbishment
  • Dilapidations surveys
  • Gutter cleaning

PPM (planned preventative maintenance)

  • Air Conditioning service and maintenance.
  • Heating.
  • Electrical maintenance (EICR).
  • Lighting – emergency light testing.
  • Tailor made PPM.

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