Smart Controls For Your Business

Smart Building Controls, sometimes known as Intelligent Building Management Systems, allow you to control your building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security through a single interface, and allows automation of these systems to enable your building to run at peak performance while less energy than on traditional control systems.

Smart Building Controls

Energy Demand Management

Energy Demand Management can be implemented by Smart Building Controls to give you a network of systems that responds to demand and reduces energy use during peak hours. By deconstructing your existing energy use, we create an energy profile of your building’s consumption. We can then optimise your building management system so that you use less energy, while not sacrificing performance in any area.


Smart Building Controls can reduce energy use across all your systems. For example lighting can be controlled zonally in conjunction with occupancy sensors, by timer, or by lux sensors to ensure lighting systems are only in use when they need to be. By increasing efficiency in this way, energy consumption drops, carbon footprint is reduced and maintenance costs are reduced through reduced operation.
Better control also means better comfort. Building Controls enable you to tailor you buildings temperature, lighting and security, so that your staff have the best possible work environment, improving their efficiency and quality of work.