Rolec EV Approved Installation Partner

EESI are very happy to announce that we are official installation partners of Rolec EV, who specialise in car charging stations for both home and commercial areas. This is a trend that is becoming more and more common, and we are very proud to be on the cutting edge of power solutions.

Rolec EV Charger Installation
Rolec EV Charger Installation


HomeSmart charging unit

The HouseSmart charging unit allows you to charge your car without having to leave your house to find a power station, all with a handy companion app so you can track your level of charge wherever you are.

The WallPod:EV comes with a completely free 3 year warranty to give you complete peace of mind as well as a convenient power solution.

Workplace EV Charging

Preparing your workplace

In December 2019, there were a registered 273,000 electric vehicles on the road in the UK alone. This number is only going to rise so preparing your workplace may be a fantastic step to get ahead of the curve.

Neat, tidy & convenient. Our workplace EV charging solution allows your members of staff the convenience to not have to worry about their car when they’re in their place of work.

Rolec EV Charger Installation
Rolec EV Charger Installation

Public EV Charging

Serving the public

As well as home and workplace charging, we can also provide public power-points. If you’re a local authority or maybe even help provide a service in the public sector, we offer cost effective solutions which can ‘future-proof’ your area and make it as accessible as humanly possible for all.