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As you may know, we, at EESI, provide products and expert installation services for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing outfits.

If a premises needs work doing to it; whether this be plumbing, electrical, ventilation, or even a whole new refurbishment –  EESI will step in to expertly carry out the work for the project in hand.

Mercom appoints EESI as principal contractor

Our team recently carried out a complete refurbishment on an industrial premises for Mercom in Hardwicke, Gloucestershire. Mercom’s expertise lie in all things ‘water flow’ – supplying products such as flowmeters, pulse units and leakage equipment. They also support their products through maintenance and installation services.

Similarly to us at EESI, Mercom started up as a small business which grew to a point that found themselves needing a larger premises.

Managing Director and Owner, Richard Meredith, appointed EESI as principal contractor, to carry out this work, having been recommended to him by his electrician.

Mercom Commercial Refit
Mercom Commercial Refurbishment

What installations did EESI carry out?

Mercom’s new premises was originally a haulage contractors’ storage and repair building, and prior to this, was a former petrol station.

A huge overhaul was needed in order to make the premises safety compliant and suitable for purpose.

As the principal contractor, we engaged with Richard, along with a few specialist sub-contractors, to carry the full project brief, and here’s just a snapshot of what we achieved:

  • Removed asbestos.
  • Removed redundant M&E services
  • Installed new insulated roof
  • Installed rooflights allowing natural daylight.
  • Installed insulated cladding panels.
  • Installed heat pump air conditioning with fabric socks in Mercom blue.
  • Created new glass reception – complete with Mercom logo.
  • Installed energy efficient LED lighting in the Office and Warehouse spaces.
  • Installed new electrical mains position, distribution and containment.
  • Installed structured cabling for AV integration.
  • Installed Fire Alarm
  • New IP 4K PoE CCTV with mobile viewing/monitoring.

Why choose EESI to refit or maintain your premises?

Richard and the Mercom team have now moved into their new premises, where the office warehouse, service department all now operate from.

Absolutely thrilled with their new place of work, Richard says he would recommend EESI’s services to anyone.

Richard continued “… the work they did for us was exceptional. EESI fulfilled the job to the ‘t’, and they kept every promise they made to us. I also like friendliness of the EESI team. They are quite a large company now but haven’t gone too ‘corporate’ in their approach towards customers”.

He went on to say; “nothing was ever too much trouble for the EESI team … they’re more a ‘computer says yes’ than ‘computer says no’ kind of business”.

Team EESI are thrilled that Richard had such a great experience with us, as we found the whole project with Mercom most rewarding and enjoyable.

If you need work doing on your premises, there is no task too big or small.

Just call us here on 01453 821 550

Or email our friendly team at: info@eesi.co.uk

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