How much does commercial air conditioning cost?

How long is a piece of string…?

You shouldn’t answer a question with a question should you, but really there’s no other way to answer, ‘how much does commercial air conditioning cost?’, because, as the saying goes, one size doesn’t fit all.

There are some variables, and then there’s the breakdown of costs – the cost to install, versus the cost to service and maintain, versus the ongoing energy bills

Fear not, we cover off the above in this blog, so read on…

But if you’d just like an actual cost, why not let us come and do a free survey of your building and we will be able to provide you with a no obligation quote

#1 The Variables…

The variables may seem obvious but it’s a case of:

The type and size of the area you need to cool

Naturally, the size of the building and the area you need to control is going to have a bearing on the cost.  Whether you’re trying to air condition a computer or data room, a shop, an office or an industrial facility, you will need to get an expert to accurately calculate the exact amount of heating or cooling required (the heating / cooling ‘load’).

In another of our blogs – “industrial air conditioning system design” – we cover how these calculations are done and the factors affecting the heating / cooling load.

The type and brand of system you choose to install

To the uninitiated, the range of systems on offer might seem like a minefield, which is why you really need to enlist the help of experts.

We happen to work with inverter driven equipment, reverse cycle and air source heat pumps and temperature and humidity controls, using the latest Toshiba and Daikin evaporator and condenser technology.

#2 Saving You Money…

We will only ever recommend systems that are efficient, thus reducing your carbon footprint, and are designed to work with the shape and natural airflow of your building, which is essential to keeping your energy costs down.

We will also save you money on installation and running costs by installing inverters that qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). This allows you to claim the first-year capital allowance on any amount spent on certain machinery. You can then write off the capital cost against taxable profits over the period of investment in the technology.

Further, we can provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance packages for our own installations as well as existing systems. Regular servicing is essential to maintaining the performance and efficiency of a system and elements like filters may need changing periodically to extend the lifespan of your system.


If you would like help with commercial air conditioning, get in touch via our website, call us on 01453 821550 or email

We are happy to carry out a free site visit and survey and provide you with a no obligation quote.

If you are in need of an interim air conditioning solution, please speak to use about eesi hire.

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