Heating for commercial premises

It is widely reported that temperature in the workplace can have a significant impact on performance and productivity. Even with Covid-19 at play, there are many people still working in commercial and industrial buildings and their comfort, as well as their safety, is important. When it comes to heating solutions, we focus on efficiency and effective control and in this blog, we talk a little bit about the importance of each.

But first…

Some general wisdom about heating!

When thinking about heating for commercial premises there is more to consider than just being left in the cold or without running hot water, such as preventing condensation, and heating a commercial building, whether it be an office, a factory or a warehouse, requires a reliable system capable of supporting a much larger space.

When it comes to heating systems for commercial premises there are a plethora of options to choose from to support everything from gas and electric to oil and air-source, but it’s important to remember that no one size fits all – people come to us because we work with them to find heating solutions that are right for them.

So, whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, with whatever heating system you’ve got, we recommend that your ultimate goal is to make sure you service and maintain it regularly and consistently to prevent being caught out!  And if your heating system is continuing to fail you, it might just be time for a new one.

Heating efficiency

In recent years, anything and everything associated with saving energy has become a highly topical, and increasingly emotive, subject in society.  Heating efficiency has a big part to play in saving energy and also, perhaps more importantly to some, saving money!

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an integral part of any commercial premises. Energy-efficient HVAC units require less energy to work, which means you’ll spend less money in the long run.

The type of HVAC system you have, and importantly the way you maintain it, can all affect energy-efficiency. Even some minor changes to an existing system can help to make it more energy efficient.

Smart building control

Smart building controls, sometimes known as intelligent building management systems, allow you to control your building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security through a single interface.

The benefit of automating these systems is to enable your building to run at peak performance whilst using less energy than traditional control systems.

How can we help you?

If you think you need to take action regarding heating for commercial premises, we urge you to get in touch.

Read more about choosing EESI for your heating solutions: https://eesi.co.uk/electrical-maintenance/

Install.  Service.  Maintain.  EESI.

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