Our EESI team deliver unrivalled property maintenance services to a wide range of businesses, including large-scale commercial and industrial outfits, and properties such as schools, estates, and heritage buildings.  

In this blog, we remind ourselves of the main benefits of property maintenance, and why looking after property and assets is so important.  

Property maintenance helps your property (and equipment/assets) to live longer 

Property, equipment, and other assets are almost always our biggest investments, especially if these are for commercial use. And if maintained well, these are much less likely to deteriorate, to break down, or to fail.  

Premises and assets are of paramount importance, and a good level of property maintenance will optimise their quality, integrity, performance and longevity.  

Property Maintenance preserves market value 

A well-maintained property is more likely to retain its market value, unlike a property that’s been neglected. 

By carrying out property maintenance checks, repairs and servicing on a regular basis, you can save both time and money.  

Viewing ‘property maintenance’ as an investment, means that in return, you will see the integrity of your assets kept to a quality standard.  

For example, ensuring that gutters and facias are free of clutter/debris, means that you are more likely to avoid things like damp entering the property, which can cause damage both structurally, and to equipment/assets within the building.  

Property Maintenance helps keep people safe 

Ensuring a good level of property maintenance means that things such as lifts, doors, stairs and equipment are safer to use, and that they are of a standard that helps avoid accidents from occurring.  

Keeping people safe is every company’s legal obligation, and we all want to avoid accidents in the first place keep employees and tenants safe. 

Property maintenance helps companies to demonstrate good practice in terms of health and safety compliancy – aiming first and foremost, to protect people. In turn, this also helps to lessen the likelihood of any legal issues arising, in the case of accidents being caused due to the deterioration or breakdown of property or equipment within the premises.  

Property maintenance keeps tenants, employees and customers happy  

Commercial tenants are much more likely to continue leasing from you if the employees, customers and visitors that use and frequent the property are happy being there, and that things are in good condition.  

This means the business will be more likely to operate comfortably and efficiently, potentially leading to a longer-term tenancy, or to them recommending your property/premises to others.  

This will help you optimise the financial potential of your building; therefore, generating a higher income all-round.  

So, what types of property maintenance services are there?  

  • Building Maintenance 

  • Emergency Response 

  • Facilities Management 

  • Grounds Maintenance 

  • Planned Maintenance 

  • Property Maintenance 

  • Reactive Maintenance 


What property maintenance services do EESI deliver?  

  • Building Services 

  • Electrical Services 

  • Plumbing & Heating Services 

  • Painting & Decorating Services 

  • Drainage Services 

  • Interior building Services 

  • Groundwork Services 

  • Landscaping Services 

  • Flooring Services 

  • Cleaning facia and gutter clearing services 


We also offer a fully managed Preventative and Planned Maintenance service (PPM), which you can find out more about here 

You can visit our property maintenance page for more info, or just say hi to our friendly team at EESI to find out how it all works using the details below:  

01453 821550 



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