EESI Hire offer a fully operational, comprehensive range of portable electric heaters that meet the varying requirements of commercial and industrial premises.

The heaters we offer are available in 110-volt, 240-volt, and 415-volt units, and range in size. With EESI Hire, you can choose from our smaller, compact mobile heaters, to our convector radiator units (ideal for offices and shops), right up to our larger commercial and industrial heating units.

    Key Benefits of EESI Hire Heating Equipment

    • Indirect and direct fired
    • Electric
    • All Applications catered for
    • Clean and convenient to use
    • Cost efficiency for your business

    Our EESI Hire portable electric heaters enable you to heat your premises in the cleanest, quickest, and most convenient manner. Plus, our dehumidification equipment comes with delivery and an explanation of how it all works – providing peace of mind to all our customers.

    If you hire equipment with us and decide it would be cost-efficient to get a more permanent heating system – our expert engineers will deliver, install, and set up your equipment for you. Just contact our team to discuss the best option for you.