Is PoE lighting cost effective?

PoE lighting systems are one of the latest lighting technologies that benefits both the environment, and the cost of running a business.

Since 2000, LED (Low-Voltage Light-Omitting Diode) lighting took the world by storm, as this technology offered a significant reduction in energy consumption. 

Now, we see LED and PoE lighting technologies come together, and the use of PoE lighting systems rapidly increasing as they offer even bigger rewards to the environment and our bank balances. 

As a result of this popularity, our EESI electrical team have seen a surge in demand for PoE lighting systems and installation

Here, we look at how LED lighting can be used in conjunction with PoE systems, to ensure a smarter, greener, and more efficient way of using energy: 

  • PoE lighting significantly reduces costs when it comes to installation, due to there being no LCMs (light control modules) or wired switches. 
  • A PoE lighting system is typically five percent more efficient than a like-for-like wired system that is mains operated. 
  • PoE drivers have a longer life than conventional Digital Addressable Lighting Interface systems, and have a much lower failure rate. 
  • Having PoE lighting negates the need for maintenance at a ‘high level’, as PoE lighting is controlled remotely and by emergency inverters.
  • Advanced sensors are integrated into PoE lighting systems, which offer additional air quality and humidity reporting, which offer air-management capabilities via the control system. 
  • The low voltage system that comes with PoE lighting is reliable and safe, while also being easily adaptable to suit the needs of the user and the surrounding physical environment.
  • You can easily add lighting controls to your PoE lighting system in the future, as your work premises/space evolves and changes size. 


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