The expansion of Nissan’s EV manufacturing plant in Sunderland is something that we at EESI welcome with open arms.

Firstly, because it means the car industry is leaning towards greener, renewable energy. And secondly, because an increase in EV manufacturing, means an increased need for EV charging devices.

Therefore, with us being Rolec EV (Electrical Vehicle) approved installation partners – our EV Charging Engineers have an exceptionally busy schedule on the horizon!

The expansion is also great news, because we know the vital role companies play in providing jobs at a local level, and are really pleased that this expansion will help to create jobs in the Sunderland area.

Why is EV manufacturing increasing?

One of the main goals of the G20 Summit was to promote ‘decarbonisation’ by investing in sustainable infrastructures and new technologies, that provide clean energy solutions.

This has led to organisations such as the UK’s Climate Change Committee, proposing the introduction of something called ‘carbon pricing’.

Understanding how carbon pricing works isn’t simple, but to most people, this means paying a ‘tax’ on the carbon they produce, including on fuel and diesel emissions from vehicles.

What does an ‘EV future’ look like?

With sustainability in mind, and the UK government’s plan to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles as of 2030, Nissan’s EV expansion is ever more relevant.

Listed as one of the top ten global EV car manufacturers, Nissan is clearly working towards sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, while also futureproofing their brand.

The presence of EV cars on UK roads is growing rapidly, from almost none in 2012, to around 550,000 in 2021.

This surge, means the demand for EV charging devices is also rapidly increasing.

We will no doubt see EV charging devices appearing in domestic driveways. Many EV drivers charge their car overnight, and the typical cost of installing a domestic EV charger at home is around five to eight hundred pounds.

Not every property, however, has a private driveway to enable access to EV charging, and we certainly aren’t always at home to charge our vehicles.

Therefore, we will see many more EV charging devices being installed in carparks, commercial venues, places of work, and attractions such as stadiums and exhibition halls, in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of EV drivers.

Are there many EV charging points in the Gloucestershire area?

As we are based in Gloucestershire, we looked into some stats on EV charging devices in our area.

As mentioned in our previous blog, the figures currently sit at around:

75 public electric vehicle charging devices in South Gloucestershire
42 public electric vehicle charging devices in the Cotswolds
39 public electric vehicle charging devices in Stroud
35 public electric vehicle charging devices in Gloucester
32 public electric vehicle charging devices in Cheltenham
16 public electric vehicle charging devices in the Forest of Dean

The Electric Vehicle Charging Device Statistics January 2021 report offers some insight into how many EV charging devices are available per 100,000 of the population, across regions in the UK.

Gloucestershire currently sits in the lower half of what the UK typically offers in terms of public EV charging devices, with only 28 EV charging devices being available, per 100,000 of its population.

London, for example, offers more than double this, with a figure of around 69 EV charging devices available per 100,000 of its population, highlighting the need for more EV charging devices in regions such as Gloucestershire.

How do I find my nearest EV charger?

A top tip for finding the nearest public EV charging station, is to take a look at Zap Map.

All you have to do is enter you current postcode and they will find the nearest EV charging device available to you.

They also have an app for both ANDROID ad iOS – so it’s really easy to use on your phone while on the go!

EESI installation of EV charging devices

We at EESI, are experts in installing EV charging devices. What’s more, our engineers have the knowledge, skills, and accreditation needed, to successfully roll out EV charging device projects of any complexity and scale.

As Rolec approved installation partners, we are excellently placed to oversee and execute EV charger installation projects, in locations such as:

Commercial or office premises
Leisure centres
Retails outlets
Car parks
Service stations

.. and many more

Rolec are one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment and have an unrivalled reputation when it comes to EV products and installation throughout the UK.

Furthermore, there are various government incentives that could help fund up to 75% of the cost of having an EV charger installed at home or in the workplace – so it’s worth investigating.

If you are responsible for the maintenance or management of a premises that would benefit from having EV charging points installed – then our team here at EESI are here to help and advise you on what your options are.


Just call our friendly team on:  01453 821550 or email:

We look forward to experiencing a greener, cleaner future with you!

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