We at EESI Group Services, want to remind businesses throughout Gloucestershire that it’s not too late to nominate your business for the Gloucestershire Live Business Awards 2021 

You can do this right here and right now, before the closing date 29 June 2021! 

Why EESI support the Gloucestershire Live Business Awards 2021 

Having won the award ourselves in 2019, we at EESI, know what a boost this award can give a company; including celebrating business efforts as a team, energising company morale, and how it increases hunger for future commercial success.  

What’s more, EESI Group Services are sponsoring this year’s awards; specifically, the ‘Business in the Face of Adversity Special Award’.  

EESI’s founder, Mike Gardiner, chose to sponsor this particular award title, because he wanted to salute companies who have survived the pandemic, acknowledging how they will have had to adapt and have been resilient throughout this time.  

Mike cares deeply about how businesses in Gloucestershire have coped in the last 18 months, and how this will have sadly been a ‘make or break’ moment for so many.  

Having started out as an electrical contractor, with only two employees, Mike knows only too well how business success can go one way or another. He wants to help boost Gloucestershire’s fighting spirit, in the face of how fragile things have been of late.  

EESI values community in Gloucestershire 

Mike puts the success of EESI Group Services down to the loyalty of employees. After 27 years, EESI employs ‘multi-generations’ of family members, many of whom have stayed with the company for a quarter of a century.  

This prominent standing in terms of local employment, means that EESI’s values lie within the very heart of the community and with the people in Gloucestershire.  

Mike wants to give something back to the very community and to the very people who he sees as integral to sustainable business growth here in Gloucestershire; therefore, you’ll see him sitting on the judging panel at this year’s Gloucestershire Live Business Awards 2021 

Remember – it’s not too late to enter! So make sure your business gets the praise it deserves! 

Entries close 29 June 2021. 

We hope to see you there in September! 

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