EESI are proud to work with Gloucester Brewery

Mechanical and electrical infrastructure is what our expert engineers here at EESI specialise in. And although we (and our customers) get excited about the work we do, it’s admittedly not always ‘glamorous’!

Therefore, you can imagine the buzz we got when we installed an attractive, exposed heating system at Gloucester Brewery, which runs across the apex of the building and is visible for all to see!

This case study takes a look at how our EESI engineers created a bespoke heating system designed to keep customers warm, while complimenting and complying with the building’s heritage.

Gloucester Brewery as a listed building

You’ll find Gloucester Brewery at Warehouse 4, nestled in amongst the old merchant buildings within the heart of the old Gloucester Docks.

This area is steeped in architectural history, and is said to be the ‘best preserved example of Victorian Docks anywhere in the country’ according to Gloucester BID.

Although Warehouse 4 was built more recently (as an extension to ‘Fox’s Malthouse’), there are regulations set out by Historic England that aim to preserve Gloucester Docks as a Grade II listed heritage site.

In light of this, our EESI team had to take into consideration Grade II listing regulations when designing their heating system, ensuring it upheld the integrity of the building and it’s aesthetic.

Heating at the brewery

The premises at Gloucester Brewery is open plan – essentially a renovated warehouse space that accommodates a bar, the customer seating area, a shop, a mezzanine level, and the all-important in-house brewery.

The ceiling is approximately 6 metres high, and therefore the space can become very cold – especially in the winter months.

We at EESI were tasked with designing a heating system that provided ample heating in line with the scale of the building, and the various activities that take place there. Due to the layout of the building, we also had to take noise and acoustics into account to ensure the system was not too loud for customers.

Our team designed a heat pump, that uses destratification to ensure that the heat is pushed down to where the customers are and will benefit from.

Cosmetically, our team needed to ensure that the unit looked in keeping with the building’s heritage. Therefore we opted for a matte black finish as an alternative to the aluminium finish we usually see, when heating systems are either used in industrial premises or are concealed behind boarding/ceiling fittings.

In times gone by, the Malthouse used cast iron grain shoots as part of the brewing process, and the heating unit we installed could arguably be seen as giving a little ‘nod’ to this part of the building’s brewing history.

Why EESI was an obvious choice for Gloucester Brewery

Jan Van Der Elsen, Project Manager at Gloucester Brewer, has overseen various commercial projects within Gloucester’s dockland area for more than a decade.

During this time, Jan said that EESI have always been highly recommended when it comes to electrical and mechanical services. In terms of Gloucester Brewery’s heating system requirements, Jan said “for me, instructing EESI was a simple choice, due to their excellent reputation and flexible and customer-led approach”.

A visit to Gloucester Brewery is a ‘must’!

Not only is Gloucester Brewery a really enjoyable space a just ‘be’ and relax in – they are beer-brewing masters. This year, they won a national Gold Award for their Premium Keg Lager (NEIPA, image below) from ‘SIBA Wales & West’, along with two other silver awards.

Also, their shop is a complete ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ for all the beer lovers out there, so why not check out their busy events schedule and make the most of popping down to Gloucester Brewery to see what all the fuss is about!

Choose EESI to refit or maintain your premises!

Team EESI are thrilled that Gloucester Brewery had such a great experience with us, and Jan – thank you for being a pleasure to work with.

If your business premises has any electrical or mechanical system requirements, then please do get in touch.

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