We’ve worked on electrical maintenance with one client for over 15 years. They recently asked us to install CCTV for them, making us the main contractors responsible for the mechanical and electrical design on the operation of a bridge over a shipping canal. Our brief was to supply, install and terminate all the cabling effectively.


There were a number of challenges along the way. The original design for the canal required the cabling to run across the floor of the canal for about 120 metres, but as the build of the bridge progressed the cable length grew to 360 metres. The original specification also missed the fact that the canal gets dredged, a process that would have pulled up the cable, potentially damaging or breaking it.

Because it’s an active ship canal, the project included some incredibly tight deadlines. A lot of the framework was built while the canal was open, but the deck had to be put together over the canal, so we had a 5 day window while the canal was closed to make sure all of our cabling, wiring and control panels were in place. By the end of the closure period, the fabrication of the deck was complete and it was lifted to the top of the bridge. It then took another 28 days to weld together.


Rather than just lay the cable along the bottom of the canal, we decided to mole a small tunnel under the canal, to ensure the cable was safely out of the way of dredgers. We ran into issues with land ownership, so the cable had to run away from the canal in both directions before crossing it further down from the bridge. We worked with all the parties involved to ensure a swift resolution and no delay to the project.

We also had to be flexible with the CCTV. The original design concept was approved for the company that was originally going to operate the bridge, to their requirements. However, operation of the bridge changed hands and the new company brought in to operate the bridge had different standards to those for which we’d originally designed. They wanted to be able to monitor a far greater distance, for which they required more specialist cameras in slightly different positions. We provided a redesign to the new brief and were able to fully accommodate their needs.


The main reason this particular client enjoys working with EESI is not down to cost but the way we work with them as a business. We integrate and work with them and that is really important to them. We’ve worked on large projects with them before, demonstrating that we can meet their targets and work to their timescales, so they have a good idea of what we’re capable of achieving.

Our ability to communicate with the customer and meet the customer’s needs was much appreciated on this project, as we worked closely with the other contractors and our client to reach their end goal which, in the end, exceeded their original expectations and brief.

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