Electrical Maintenance Technician

EESI provide electrical maintenance for new installations or existing systems. A maintenance contract provides a schedule of appointments planned out based on a number of factors such as component type, intensity of usage, age and other key factors evaluated in an inspection.

With EESI installations, servicing will usually be carried out by the engineers who installed the system, providing an efficient service from specialist familiar with your system. Additionally our engineers quickly become familiar with new systems to ensure effective servicing of non-EESI installations.

electrical maintenance

Expert Setup

One thing you’re guaranteed to get while working with EESI is a huge level of experience and professionalism. We understand that every company operates differently, and we work to provide solutions that are long lasting, eco friendly & fit for purpose.

24 Hour Contract

A significant benefit of EESI’s service is our team of out-of-hours engineers. We understand the importance of having your electrical systems working when you need them, so if you need our engineers in the middle of the night, or on a Sunday, we’re here for you.

Ongoing Support

Once the set up is complete and your electrical systems are online, we also provide ongoing support to make sure anything that does go wrong can be fixed quickly and easily with the help of our qualified engineers, no questions asked. Maintenance the EESI way.